Floral Tablescape (Set of 4)

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Add pop to any meal with The Floral Collection’s graphic motif and high-contrast colors. Patchwork placemats and throwback hues nod to the ’70s, with a hint of Matisse-inspired collage along napkins, tablecloths and runners. Whether you’re setting up for brunch or an all-out dinner, The Floral Collection serves up a feel-good side of nostalgia.

  • 4 Misette Floral Dinner Plates
  • 4 Misette Floral Salad Plates
  • 4 Misette Floral Cereal Bowls
  • 4 Misette Floral Embroidered Linen Placemats in Blue/Green
  • 4 Misette Floral Embroidered Linen Napkins in Blue

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