Hilah Stahl, CEO and co-founder of Spoak, knows how to set a beautiful table in a moment's notice. With Spoak being a digital platform that’s all about making things easier for anyone who wants to design a space (whether you’re a DIYer, hobbyist or professional interior designer), Stahl has an eye for beauty. While she admits she tends to design a tablescape at the 11th hour before a dinner party, her non-negotiable allows her to efficiently put together a gorgeous table every time. How? By making sure the table activates all five senses. From textured table accessories to colorful flowers as centerpieces, Stahl shares tips on how to set a memorable table every time. 

Don’t forget the flowers. 

“I always get flowers before dinner. I grew up in a household where you couldn’t host without flowers, so it’s an absolute must for me, even if I have to just go outside and pick them myself.”

Accessorize the glasses with a wine/cocktail charm.

“They’re a nice little touch to the tablescape but also so no one loses their glass.”

Invest in all-seasons table accessories.

“I like including the Colorblock Embroidered Linen Napkins and Squiggle flatware for a playful but elevated (and squiggly!) dinner. In the winter, it contrasts beautifully with evergreen and citrus fruits, while in the  summer, it pairs so nicely with colorful flowers (I’m partial to poppies) on a wooden outdoor table.”

Activate all five senses with your tablescape. 

“A good bouquet and greenery can add color, texture, scent and warmth. A variation of decorative candles (twisted! painted! multicolored!) can work double duty as art and light. I also like to use edible decor like citrus, pomegranate, apples, gourds, and other seasonal fruit or vegetables as centerpieces for the table. And I always use cloth napkins–it’s a fun and environmentally-friendly way to bring in both texture and color.”

May 15, 2023 — Renée Tse