About Misette

There’s something special about sitting down together for a meal. It’s a time to connect, to unwind, to catch up, to make memories—and we believe in setting the scene for these moments. Misette (pronounced “my set”) creates artful dinnerware to elevate your everyday, with curated collections you can use as a complete set, collect slowly, or mix and match for a stunning, effortless tablescape. Whether you’re serving filet mignon or fast-food takeout, we see mealtimes as a thing of beauty.

Growing up, Misette co-founders and sisters Sarah Pecaut and Amy Burstyn Fritz’s grandmother told them the highest compliment bestowed upon any host would be about their beautifully set table. This stuck with the sisters all their lives—Sarah, as she went on to work in the special events department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Amy, as she launched her own party-planning and design firm in Toronto. Every time they worked on a soiree, from a small dinner gathering to the Met Gala, they treated their tablescapes like a blank canvas, ready to be crafted into visual art. When the pandemic started changing their ways of working, the sisters were inspired to bring the curation and care of big-scale events into everyone’s homes, every day. In collaboration with their good friend and artist-in-residence Leslie Hamilton, Misette creates artistic dinnerware and décor that belongs out from your hutch and onto your table. Why wait for an occasion to get into the good stuff?

Feel good about your set

Conscious Craftsmanship

Misette’s pieces are made with care by skilled producers in Portugal, India, Italy, France and the United States. We favor hand-made techniques, natural materials and quality craftsmanship that can be passed down through generations. We also take sustainability to heart through the use of compostable and recyclable packaging whenever possible, and are working to become even more sustainable as we grow.

Giving Back

We grew up in a family that always showed us the importance of giving back to the community. With Misette, we want to bring everyone the joy of sitting down together around the table for a good meal. That’s why, for every order, we donate two meals to Second Harvest, which recovers fresh, unsold food and redistributes it to social service organizations to protect the environment and provide immediate hunger relief.