When it comes to Valentine’s Day, receiving or gifting flowers is never a bad idea. There is that initial rush of joy when you see a well-arranged bouquet you just can't deny. But picking flowers out and arranging them on your own can be tricky business, which is why we called in an expert for tips. 

Known for fusing fashion and flowers, Popup Florist’s Kelsie Hayes’ arrangements are anything but ordinary. Just sneak a peek at her Instagram and you’ll instantly be inspired to stop by her shop to order a bouquet or two. Using unexpected (but always captivating) textures, combinations and color palettes, each floral arrangement is unique and of jaw-dropping status. 

As someone who loves to celebrate the day of love and “all of the vintage and classic decor” that goes with it, we had to ask the NYC-based florist for some simple tips to take your bouquets from basic to wow level. Read on to find out how to make a stunning Valentine’s Day floral arrangement. 

Lean into the 'cheesy' floral decor.

“Balance and ground florals with beautiful tableware and linens. It keeps it fun and nostalgic, and also elevated if you use pieces you've collected throughout the years.” 

Stick to a single variety in a monochromatic color palette.

“If you use different vases and cut them to different heights, it adds a lot of visual intrigue to your table.”

Want to mix it up? 

“Keep all the floral varieties in a monochromatic color palette to make it look nice and polished.”


Kelsie’s fail–proof Valentine’s Day florals include: 

Sweet pea: “I love the simplicity and delicate nature of them.” 

Tulips: “They can be really playful and can be manipulated by opening them up.”

Roses: “As cliché as they can be, I think on their own they are quite beautiful and romantic.”
February 13, 2023 — Renée Tse