As the author of Upstate: Living Spaces with Space to Live, a beautiful coffee table book that features a collection of aspirational interiors, there’s no doubt Lisa Pryzstup (@brass__tacks) has a good eye for detail and design, especially when it comes to setting and decorating a chic tablescape. Case in point: Recently, the writer gathered her friends and hosted the dinner party of our dreams with NYC fashion and accessories brand, Loeffler Randall.

As we head into the season of hosting, we caught up with Lisa to talk about how she comes up with her whimsical tables: “I’m too much of a Type A perfectionist to wing it—it’s always planned.”  

Want to know her fav ways to create a beautiful tablescape? Read on for some simple tips on how to set the dreamiest table for your next dinner party. 

No flowers, no problem.

I like to bring nature in and use bits and baubles found on trail walks and from our yard. For this setup, I foraged some moss and then added pinecones and stuck a handful of dried bits and pieces from our yard into the moss itself. I dropped some dried grasses and branches with leaves into a couple of small glass bottles before finishing the whole thing off with dried ferns and evergreens.”

Fruits and veggies make stunning accents.

“I love adding fruits (i.e. kumquats, persimmons, pomegranates, apples, grapes) and/or vegetables like squash or pumpkins as accents. For this one, I incorporated pears and citrus–that pop of orange is so festive and perfect for the season.”

Create vignettes on the table.

“Stacking fruit is a fun and easy way to create mini moments/arrangements throughout. I also threw in a bowl of walnuts because they remind me of the holidays for some reason and a bowl of dried apricots for texture and color.”

Add a hint of unexpected whimsy to the table.

“I absolutely love how whimsical the Line Drawing Linen Tablecloth is—it adds just the right amount of sophisticated quirkiness to any table. I may have packed it full of things for this particular setting, in the future I’d love to play around with keeping the rest of the table pretty minimal to let it shine. I’d also be hard-pressed to resist adding some Colorblock Embroidered Linen Napkins for a pop of color and added whimsy.”

Candles are a must, always.

“They create instant warmth and ambiance. We light so many candles.
December 20, 2022 — Renée Tse