When Gucci Westman messaged us on Instagram saying she was a fan of Misette, we were completely floored. We’ve been long-time admirers of the celebrated makeup artist (whose A-list clientele includes Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow) and her cult clean beauty brand Westman Atelier, so when we heard she was hosting gatherings for her closest friends this summer in East Hampton, we knew we wanted to help.

“Setting the table is such a personal part of the evening,” says Westman. “I always enjoy doing it myself.” 

And to no surprise, her table setting game is as enviable and aspirational as her work and products. Here, the makeup artist graciously shares her tips on how to style a stunning summer table setting.

Invite a mix of people that work in different fields – it encourages everyone to learn new things.

“I feel like a good party is a result of the combination of people and their chemistry.  It's the people and the setting that makes for great conversations and a fun atmosphere–that is what people take from the experience. Of course, the food brings people together, too.”

Start with a theme to tie into the table setting, food and linens.

“It could be based on the season or a holiday. In the winter, I love feeling super cozy by our fireplace in the dining room, so I’ll use warmer colors.  In the summer, I lean towards a lighter palette that feels Swedish inspired. But I could definitely be a maximalist at times!”

Play with different colors and textures.

“I have always been interested in playing with different colors and textures and seeing how they look next to each other. It's so fun setting a table, stepping back and seeing what is missing. I’m always editing until it is complete.”

Complement your table setting with your surroundings.

“The Misette pieces are so beautiful and special–it’s all so complementary. I love how it works so well with our surroundings here in East Hampton. I’m always mixing and matching. It’s fun surprising my guests with different table settings all of the time.” 

Don’t forget the finishing touches.

“Flowers and candles, always!”

August 25, 2023 — Renée Tse