Depending on your family and friend group, it's never not wedding season. And whether you’re shopping for a gift for the happy couple or looking for inspiration on what to put on your own registry, you’ve come to the right spot. 

The wonderful thing about starting a registry with Misette is that every tableware item pairs well with the rest, meaning we help you take the guesswork out of what goes with what. Plus, we cover shipping and offer a 10 to 15 percent off discount–two less things for your loved ones to worry about. 

But if you're new to the registry game and having trouble on exactly what you might need to start your first tableware collection for your new home, top wedding planning expert, Calder Clark has a few ideas. With her expertise in hosting and all things weddings, we tapped the top planner for advice on what she’d give to couples who are preparing to create their wedding registry, what they might need to host future dinner parties and how to put together a beautiful table.

Take risks on the wedding registry.

“White-with-gold-rim literally puts me to sleep, as do safe neutrals. Have fun with pattern, color, anything remarkably vibrant. You’re not going to use your fine china everyday (though you should!) so you have to put the big pot in the little pot with your choices–fortune favors the bold.” 

Own a proper set of tableware basics. 

“I am nothing if not “my mother’s daughter,” which means there are always proper placemats, dinner napkins and flatware on the table. And please, we’re not barbarians . . . no condiment bottles ever get near my dining table. On the flip side, I’m totally practical–I’m not pressing Irish hemstitch linen for hours in my laundry room, you know? I’m in favor of anything from a linen-cotton blend so that I can just wash, fold and use on repeat."

Mix a bit of old with new.

“For dinner parties, I will step it up by breaking out a menagerie of both old and new pieces, from embroidered dinner napkins to goodies found abroad. I’d snag the Fête Embroidered Linen Placemats in Blue/ Green for dressier dinner parties. It’s so fun.” 

Add florals to your table in unexpected ways.

“For finishing touches, I love a little organic material . . . a bloom on a napkin fold, freshly-cut blooms scattered in tiny pinch pots, something fragrant tucked into the arrangements. Also, Paperie. I have a neighborhood calligrapher I tap for last-minute place cards–it’s a wonder she’s still my friend.”

September 21, 2023 — Renée Tse